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Alabama Wedding Video Production



Alabama Wedding Video Production



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It's your big day!

Congratulations on your engagement! The venue is booked, the floral arrangements are picked out, your dress is on order, the groomsmen have all been fitted, the photographer is booked, now how are you going to hear him say his vows 30 years from now? That's where we come in! Let us capture your day so you can relive your wedding over and over for the rest of your lives! 

All videography provided by Lumpstick Productions.


Still on the fence about a wedding video?

 We discuss why it’s so important to capture and save you wedding day with a cinematic video. Here is our segment from the WAFF48 Wedding Special where we talk about: Why we do what we do, what you can expect with booking a date with us, and why it’s so important to hire a professional videographer and not a family friend. Lumpstick Productions is the preferred wedding videography company for WAFF48.

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affordable wedding videographer

Below are our wedding social media previews. Our wedding packages can come with: Pre-Ceremony, Entire Ceremony, Interviews, and Reception coverage averaging 30-45 minutes, sometimes longer depending on your ceremony.

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Wedding FAQ

wedding faq

Wedding FAQ

wedding faq

It's Your Big Day!

Capture every moment on video so you can relive your wedding over and over again. A timeless possession you can share with your family forever. On your 30-year anniversary wouldn't you love to curl up next to your spouse, pop in a DVD, and listen to your wedding vows again? How about your 80-year anniversary? No matter what the occasion let us capture a moment in time for you.

What should I expect from you on my wedding day?

Our presence is no different than a photographer, and most of the time we work alongside them. We follow the same schedule you already planned with your photographer. We capture your live action, behind the scenes photography session and incorporate custom video shots in between pictures. Your wedding day is special and you won't have a camera in your face the entire time.

We'll break away roughly one hour before the ceremony and set up the remainder of our cameras in preparation for the wedding ceremony. We ask that you do not cut the cake, make speeches, or do anything you want captured at the beginning of your reception. It usually takes us 20 minutes or longer (depending on the location of the reception) to tear down our ceremony equipment and reset for the reception.

At the reception, we'll capture all the main events: cake cut, first dances, bouquet and garter toss. Be sure to let us know if there is something out of the ordinary happening that you want captured. We like to focus on the details of your wedding: the train of your dress, the brightness of your diamond, the detailed decor at your reception, center pieces, cake toppers, etc. Every thought and idea you put into your wedding we take the time to capture it. It's your wedding day; we want you to remember every moment!

Can I have my favorite song in my wedding video?

Much like a movie trailer, we pick the music that best fits the mood of your wedding. Popular music is copyrighted. Unfortunately to buy rights to use a mainstream song can cost $1500.00 per song and up. To keep the cost down we purchase rights to music specifically for cinematic storytelling. No worries, we have a large library to choose from.

Can I have all the raw footage?

Yes, however raw footage is not included in your wedding package price. All raw footage is priced on a wedding to wedding basis. It may seem that there's not much involved in handing over raw footage, however that's not the case. Follow me here... a typical DVD is 4.7Gb, an entire wedding can be up to 300Gb sometimes more. If we were to burn the raw footage to DVDs that would be 63.83 DVDs. Needless to say, we don't burn raw footage to DVDs. Raw footage is provided on a hard drive formatted for either Windows or Mac (Your choice). The footage is not edited, not rendered together into 1 clip, it is provided as it was recorded clip for clip. Project files, music, graphics, and additional media is not provided.

I only want one videographer, is that cheaper?

We can shoot with one videographer; however, we do recommend two. Having two videographers allows for multiple camera angles and more extensive coverage of your pre-ceremony and reception.

How many cameras do I need?

You may not have thought about how many video cameras you need for your wedding day. Typically, we recommend having at least 2 cameras cover the ceremony, but it is preferable to have 3. With 3 cameras, you will always have a wide shot of the entire ceremony, plus 1 camera getting close-ups and/or medium shots of the bride, and 1 camera doing the same for the groom. It is impossible for 1 cameraman to cover everything that goes on in the ceremony. It is necessary to have at least 2 camera angles in order to edit together a video of professional quality.

 Can I Share it on Facebook?

Absolutely! We give you a short "Wedding Teaser" link that you can embed on any social media platform.

How Do I Book My Wedding Day?

In order to lock in your wedding day, we require a $500 nonrefundable deposit and a signed contract. Your deposit goes towards the overall cost of the package you choose. Let us know you are ready to book your day HERE and we will start the process. We will either e-mail or mail your wedding contract to you, your choice. If you choose to have us mail it, we will send the original contract, a return envelope, and a sheet explaining how to fill out the contract. Once you have signed the contract you will return the original contract and your $500 deposit to us in the provided postmarked envelop. Once we receive this in the mail we will sign our part, scan the contract, and e-mail you a digital copy. Once you receive your contract via e-mail your wedding day is booked! If you choose to have us e-mail you the contract, the process is exactly the same, only you will have to print off the contract and return it and your deposit to our mailing address.

We will contact you a week before your wedding to go over all the last-minute details and any questions that you may have. At this time, we will also reach out to your vendors if we need to go over any regulations that they may have.

Your final payment is due at the latest 2 weeks prior to your wedding day. It can be mailed to our mailing address: 26201 Hwy 72 E Ste. C Athens, AL 35613

Feel free to contact us at any point before your wedding with questions, concerns, or ideas.

Do you do any other digital media?

Yes! We are a digital media company. Slideshows, Media Conversion, Cooperate videos, Music videos, Instructional videos, School Events. If it's digital media, we can help you. Contact us HERE.

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Wedding Date

wedding date

Wedding Date

wedding date

What Day Are You Getting Married?


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Wedding Prices

wedding prices

Wedding Prices

wedding prices

Our wedding collections are carefully crafted to give you the most options and maximum amount of coverage for your special day. All wedding collections CAN include up to two videographers, a pre-wedding planning meeting to go over all your final wedding details, and a DVD Legacy Box with multiple copies of your wedding video – all to ensure you have professional quality media to remember your special day.

Package Prices

(permit fees not included)


1-2 Minute Highlight Video
20-30 Minute Feature Film
2 Videographers
Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony OR
Ceremony, Reception
2 HD Ceremony Cameras
Handcrafted Legacy Box
5 Wedding DVDs


3-5 Minute Highlight Video
35-45 Minute Feature Film
2 Videographers
Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Reception
3 HD Ceremony Cameras
Handcrafted Legacy Box
10 Wedding DVDs


3-5 Minute Highlight Video
45-60 Minute Feature Film
2 Videographers
Pre-Ceremony, Interviews,
Ceremony, Reception
Unlimited Coverage
4 HD Ceremony Cameras
Handcrafted Legacy Box
10 Wedding Blu-ray


Ceremony Only

1 Videographer
Complete Ceremony Coverage
3 HD Ceremony Cameras
5 Wedding DVDs


1-2 Minute Highlight Video
1 Videographer
2 Hours of Coverage
3 HD Ceremony Cameras
Handcrafted Legacy Box
5 Wedding DVDs


A La Carte

Drone Pilot

Aerial Videography
FAA Certified Pilot
Any Wedding Day-part
350 (Plus any Venue Fees)


Up to 150 Pictures
Commercially Licensed Music
1 DVD for Duplication

Wedding Invitation Video

Personally Invite Your Guests
to Your Wedding
4K Ultra HD Shoot
 1 Couple Interview
Digital Download Delivery


Rehearsal Dinner

3-5 Minute Highlight Video
Real-Time Toasting Coverage
10-15 Minute Feature Film

Flash Drive Delivery

16Gb Flash Drive
HD Produced Media Files
25/ ea

Additional DVDs

All Produced Wedding Media
In addition to package DVDs
Ask about Blu-ray
DVD: 20 Blu-ray: 30


Save the Date Video

3-5 Minute Highlight Video
Creative Idea Session
Afternoon Couple Video Shoot
Can Be Paired with Bridal Photo Session

Additional Legacy Box

Handcrafted Box
10 Additional Videos
DVD: 100 Blu-ray: 150

Raw Footage

Unedited Raw Wedding Day Clips
Can Be Added to Any Package
Hard Drive Available
30% of Package Booked

The WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards® recognize the TOP 5% of local wedding professionals on WeddingWire who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism. Winners are determined by reviews from over a million WeddingWire newlyweds.

Handcrafted Legacy Box

Most all our packages come with out handcrafted legacy box, but if your package does not you can order yours HERE. Let us know that you would like your very own legacy box.  If you've already received your DVD and/or Blu-ray disks you can still purchase a Legacy Box. Custom labeled boxes are available upon request. 


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Don't Take Our Word For It, Listen To What Our Brides Have To Say.

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Brad was awesome and amazing to work with on the wedding day! He had such a teamwork attitude with my photography team- and that was so helpful!! We also all had a lot of fun working together! The video is beautiful!
— Carla Lawrence Photography
I’m so excited my wedding video is done— I have one AMAZING videographer who I highly recommend to anyone looking in the limestone county area— Lumpstick Productions Brad Thompson
— Ashley Shea Abernathy Stella
Review us on The Knot
This is amazing!!! You did such a great job. I’m recommending you to everyone! Thank you so much for capturing my special day!
— Hillary Bowen
I LOVE IT!! Great job 😀 You guys are awesome! Lumpstick Productions did such an amazing job!
— Virginia Foscue-Vatz
They were wonderful! Highly recommended.
— Tunya Hale
What a amazing video! Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Sharon West
Thanks to Brad Thompson at Lumpstick Productions for the awesome work!
— Brooke Pool
Brad Thompson was the best!
— Courtney Hendrix
To any friends getting married, I highly recommend Brad Thompson!! He is the best!
— Addie Grissom
They definitely captured the true essence of the wedding. Love and happiness! Amazing!!
— Kacie Aston
Fantastic video by Brad Thompson..Lumpstick him for your video and media needs!!!!!
— Rose Moore
Great work, Brad Thompson!
— Belinda Chartrand
Brad Thompson at Lumpstick. Great work. Great Prices.
— Myra White
Lumpstick Productions LLC captured the vision I had for this project. I can’t wait to share it with everybody!!
— Brenda Powell
Brad was awesome!!! Wonderful to work with!
— Trent DeFlora
What a perfect day to finally see a teaser of our wedding video! Cannot say enough good things about Brad Thompson with Lumpstick Productions!
— Ashley Morphew