Video Marketing Strategies that Work

Lumpstick Productions LLC and Epik Solutions Group are partnering to bring you the best digital content marketing. High quality digital media and cutting edge digital marketing strategy will put you on the top! 


Epik Solutions. Epik Results!

Want to succeed? Of course you do! 

Epik Solutions Group is a cutting edge digital marketing strategy firm that specializes in social media and microtargeting. Using the power of social media advertising, we will connect your business to your potential customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Multiple comprehensive studies have shown that more than one third of US consumers and almost half of millennials use social media to make their purchasing decisions. 

Digital media that works

Lumpstick Productions, LLC is, like our name, a unique video production enterprise. Our low-cost high-quality products are new and fresh, reflective of the fast-changing nature of our industry. We represent a talented group of enthusiastic, award-winning multimedia specialists who love to work in digital media. Our mission at Lumpstick Productions is to present our customers with media products that stand above any other for the price. We have mastered the art of very high-quality production at a low cost, representing a “best value” for our customers. Innovative visual media is our passion and we are particular when it comes to the quality of our products. 




Did you know that Google recently announced that 60% of all internet traffic is traced back to users on a cellular device? This means that if your business is not easily found on a phone or tablet, you are missing out! Social Media needs to become a utilized business tool for your company!

Social media is a paradigm shift. The ability to personalize your message and deliver it one-on-one takes business marketing to a whole new level. Social media lets your customers connect with you on a very personal level. Social media lets you build a relationship with your customers in a way that was impossible just a few years ago. Social media is no longer the future – it is an inescapable part of the present. It is not a question of if you need it, but how quickly can you deploy it? Social media is a game changer. Simply stated – you can’t beat your competition without it. And the good news? Cost. Social media is extremely cost- effective when compared with television, radio, billboards, direct mail, etc. Do not underestimate this powerful new method of business marketing. Epik is ready to catapult your business to a whole new level. We will show you how to harness the power of social media. We’re ready. But the ball is in your court.


Your social media marketing campaign will be deployed across multiple social networks. The goal will be to promote your business and bring paying customers in your door.

We will take your marketing to the next level. We will dominate your industry niche’s space using social media! We will bring your brand to every home, every laptop, every cell phone, and every tablet until your competition is afraid to log on to any electronic device.

Put Epik on your team TODAY! We will exponentially increase your reach and brand awareness among your target market. Epik will employ the most potent mix of proven social media content strategy and microtargeting methodology to ensure that your marketing effectiveness will never be rivaled.

Our operatives and administrative staff also utilize a modern approach to business, eliminating the vast majority of our overhead by working remotely. This creates additional savings that we are able to pass on directly to you. Our prices are designed to be competitive. If you ever receive a competing offer for any of the services we provide at the same level of quality, please allow us the opportunity to match or improve on their quote.




Images that actually relate with your audience are important! We provide strategy to show your customers what you do and why they should choose you for your product or service!

Give Your Business Power

Have everything you do pushed out directly to your target  audience – and only your target audience. Other forms of marketing waste your money by broadcasting your message to people that aren’t your potential customers in order to reach the few that are.


  • You will: raise the awareness and positive image of your brand among all of your potential customers in your target market.
  • You will: bring paying customers in your front door.
  • You will: develop a loyal core following of dedicated repeat customers.

Success Facts You Need to Know, specifically for Facebook

-As of January 2018, Facebook’s content engagement algorithm has changed! Organic content no longer reaches the potential amount of audience members as it once did.


- What does this mean for your social media marketing? Your money and effort needs to be spent on targeted ads, cutting edge digital media(videography, graphic design), or TREMENDOUS value give aways.

-Video ALWAYS provides more efficiency in reaching your audience organically, as compared to text or graphic design. 

-More posting does not always mean more results. In the past, Facebook allowed business pages to have far more reach, meaning posting more often was a valid option for engaging with your audience. Now, the game has changed. The BEST way to see results is to run successful ad campaigns, using very engaging content(video, enticing ads that suggest call to action, and links that send audience members to a landing page that captures personal information that can be used to build contact/email lists.)

Organic content can do well, but it must be worth watching or reading. Social Media is a powerful tool, but it’s Success is determined by the users! We help you make sure that your content portrays your story and your brand!


Over the past 2 years alone, we have helped more than 30 local businesses reach new heights using social media!

On average, our client accounts reach 10,000-20,000 audience members each month. The reason these numbers should seem impressive is not because of the numbers alone, but because these numbers represent actual interested buyers of our clients’ product or service. Hence the phrase “targeted marketing.”

We have accounts that have reached numbers ranging between 200,000-700,000+, using strategic give aways. 

Using video content, our analytics have shown that most of our videos are actually watched 100% all the way through. This is efficiency at its best!

Give Aways can be an awesome opportunity for your business to give back, but with some strategic targeting, it can also be the perfect opportunity for your name to get in front of your future customers!


Why Video?

Video is good for business, it humanizes your brand. People want to trust you not just your company. 59% of senior executives report they’d rather watch a video than read text – Forbes Insights

The longer a video is, the harder it is to keep your audience’s attention – Video engagement typically drops off after 2 minutes. Longer videos are not bad  however we’re going for short and to the point engagement.

3 Types of Tactical Videos and How to track success

 Each video should have a specific goal. The road to conversion via video content should be thought of as a funnel. Top of the funnel raises awareness, the middle of the funnel builds engagement and starts the conversion process, and the bottom of the funnel closes the deal and delights your customers.


Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.56.12 PM.png

Top Funnel - Explainer Video
Goal: Raise Awareness
Typically 2-5 min in length

  • Shows how your company can solve a specific problem
  • Typically convert at a rate of 45% vs those without a video

Middle Funnel- Testimonial
Goal: Convert + Engage Leads
Typically 5-10 mins in length

  • Testimonial videos are a very powerful way to create leads and engagement
  • They show your leads the positive impact that your product has on real people and real organizations
  • Videos with forms have a 16% conversion rate, that’s really strong when compared to an e-book download or whitepaper. BEST conversion rate (43%) when you put the form 10-20% of the way through the video

Bottom of the Funnel- Personalized Videos
Goal: Close and Delight Customers
Typically 1 min in length

  • These are videos directed to specific customers
  • Used for customer facing roles - Sales, Customer Success, Customer Support
  • Quickly produced videos but highly targeted marketing
  • Sent out via e-mail – When A-B Tested standard e-mail outreach got 32% better click through rate on e-mails that had video than those that didn’t.
Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.56.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.56.30 PM.png